Address: Vali Mithat Bey Mah. Büyükşehir İş Merkezi Kat:2 No:6 Van-Merkez  
Telephone/Fax: 0 432 215 94 33 / 0 506 354 31 91
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YAKA-KOOP was founded in 2002 by 25 women, and it currently has 29 business partners. It is the first women’s organisation in Van.

YAKA-KOOP’s primary aim is to refer women who have been subjected to different forms of violence due to a variety of causes and forced migration in an around the city of Van to the relevant authorities where they can receive psychological and legal help, to inform them, to provide consultancy services, to raise awareness for the empowerment of women, to promote women’s labour, to organise efforts for women to learn a vocation, and to monitor relevant court trials.

In light of this aim, training and information is provided in Van city centre and the surrounding towns to raise awareness regarding the prevention of underage marriages, general female health, women’s rights, communication, organisation, development of handcrafts, and cooperatives. Help is offered to women who labour at home and who wish to promote their handiwork, and they are supported in establishing a national platform. We also participate in efforts through other networks that work for this purpose around the country.