Address: Alibaba Mah. 5040 Sok No.4 Cesur Apt. Daire no.1 Karaköprü/ Urfa
Telephone/Fax: 0414 315 17 25


Our association was opened on April 30, 2004.

Our aims: To rectify the inequality experienced by women in society, and to allow women to take an active part in all parts of life, social, legal, financial, medical, cultural etc.

Our mission: To raise women’s awareness and to express women’s right to self-determination and to create an environment in which they can freely express themselves as individuals.

Number of members: 109

Association Activities

Legal Counselling: We offer free legal counselling to women who are in need of child support, and who are forced to divorce due to incest, harassment and abuse. There have been 75 applications in 2 years, the trials are closely monitored.

Educational Seminars: To organise educational seminars to raise women’s awareness, to share knowledge and experiences, to approach their problems and to change the social perspective on women's gender and to inform women about their health.

Reading: Our library is open to all women. We are also in the process of establishing a women’s library and archive. Our reading and debate meetings continue.

Employment counselling: 60 women have applied in the past 2 years, 20 of them were found a suitable job, 200 women were reached through psychological counselling services over the course of a year, the lives of 30 women were changed for the better, 4 women were referred to shelters, and scholarships were obtained for the promising daughters of 2 women so that they could continue their education.

Neighbourhood Fieldwork: Work groups and group leaders are assigned to neighbourhoods. During our Neighbourhood Fieldwork, we aim to help women question their lives and to voice the issues they face through our Gender Equality training.

Furthermore, there are efforts to identify local problems in the area. 

The results of the Yaşam Evi Strengthening Project which was funded by KAGİDER: Since the project began, 200 women in total have applied for psychological counselling. 25 women have applied for legal counselling and requested legal aid. 30 people have applied for job counselling.

15 training seminars were held in our association during the year in which 214 women in total were in attendance.

Our association continues to devise projects for more widespread efforts, particularly in the field of employment.