Telephone: 0536 877 32 59

Muğla Labour is Mine Women’s Association was founded in 2013 by women who had been working voluntarily to end sexist discrimination for many years. It currently has 28 members.

Our association’s aims are as follows:

  • To combat violence against women
  • To lend visibility to women who labour at home
  • To contribute to the financial, social, cultural, legal, political, and individual empowerment of women.

Our association’s primary area of work is violence against women. We provide women who apply to our association with legal and psychological support through our volunteer psychologist and lawyer, and if the woman wishes to move to shelter we refer her to the Provincial ASPB Directorate.

Our second area of work is women’s labour and the problems faced by women who provide household labour. We bring these issues to light and try to provide solutions, and to work towards promoting handicrafts to contribute to the financial empowerment of women.