Address: Nilüfer Belediyesi Dernekler Yerleşkesi, Konak Mh. Seçkin Sk. 23/1 PK:16110 Nilüfer Bursa (Konak Pazarı altı)
Telephone: 0531 033 88 44 
Facebook: @morsalkimdernegi
Twitter: @MorMorsalkim 

Bursa Mor Salkım Women’s Solidarity Associaton is a women’s solidarity group located in Bursa and founded on April 27, 2012 by a group of local women’s rights activists. Our solidarity aims to remove the financial and social obstacles that condemn women to suffering due to her sex, the pressures which have been placed upon women over the centuries, to change traditional value judgements for the better, to make every effort to ensure equality between the sexes, to organise national and international efforts to remove gender-based discrimination, and to destroy obstacles in the way of the betterment of women’s status that originate in customs such as honour killings, arranged marriages etc., and to work to decrease the number of underage marriages and births.

While establishing our association our primary aim was to form a women’s movement aware of the fact that women’s issues must be recognised by women first and foremost. We are also working to prevent violence against women and to raise awareness about sexual abuse and incest and their prevention.

Our association also provides shelters, first-step centres, and women’s counselling centres with support and directs women who have called our helpline to the relevant authorities.