Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi Mah. Anadolu Sok. No:23 D:7-8 34433 Beyoğlu / İstanbul
Telephone: 0212 292 52 31-32
Fax: 0212 292 52 33
Twitter: @morcativakfi

Mor Çatı was founded in 1990 to be able to show solidarity with women who had suffered domestic violence and to open a shelter, by a group of feminists who had taken part in the Campaign Against Beatings in 1987. It opened its independent shelter in 1995.

Since the day it was established, it has listened to women and children who have been abused without judgement and always remembering that the responsibility for violence lies with the perpetrator, and provided them with the support they needed as far as its circumstances allowed. More than 37.000 women and children have received social, legal and psychological support in its solidarity centre, and 451 women and 515 children have received shelter support. This support has allowed many women to realise that the violence they experienced is not their own fault and they have the strength to establish a new life away from violence.