Address: 1471 Sokak Ahmet Sezer Apt. No:9 /41 Kat 4 Alsancak Konak / İzmir 
Telephone: 0553 938 02 88
Facebook: @izmirkadindayanisma

İzmir Women’s Solidarity Association was founded in 2005 to fight against all kinds of discrimination against women and violence against women. The plan to form a women’s solidarity association began with meetings at members’ homes, and now the association continues its struggle through the efforts of a handful of selfless women.

Our association works in every field which concerns women, and does so through a participatory and egalitarian perspective and feminist methods. Our members are primarily women’s rights activists and feminist women, but there are also women of different convictions, and ours is a platform in which every woman can express herself by her individuality.

Our association has a helpline to support women who have been subjected to violence, and victims’ applications are taken over the phone and they are referred to the suitable authorities.

We provide awareness training on gender equality and violence against women at schools and neighbourhoods.

Our members provide educational presentations seminar as well as Women’s Human Rights Education Programme (KİHEP) and Women’s Health Education Program (KSEP) classes.

We have completed many projects to fight against violence, and to increase the number of organised women’s groups and to struggle in every area that concerns women, we take part in various platforms such as the Women’s Labour Employment Initiative, Women for Peace Initiative, the Assembly Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centres, End Violence Platform, İzmir Women Against Violence Coordination, and İzmir Town Council Women’s Assembly.