Address: Gazipaşa Bulvarı Cemalpaşa Mah. 63003 Sok. Gaye Apt. No.7 Daire 1 Seyhan Adana
Telephone/Fax: 0322 453 53 50
Facebook: Akdam-Adana
Twitter: @akdam_adana
Instagram: @akdamadana

AKDAM was founded in 1998 by a handful of women to struggle against violence against women and raise awareness.

Other aims of our organisation is to make patriarchy’s male violence seen, to cooperate with civil society organisations in this regard and make our struggle efficient, and to offer information on these subjects if necessary.

AKDAM continues its efforts on a local, regional, and national level, and aims to reach more women with its project.

The Centre offers legal, psychological and social consultancy services with the principle that the woman’s account of events is the most valid, and AKDAM provides these services by volunteers.

Another principle is to carry local issues into national platforms, to share them, and to come up with solutions while at the same time not straying from a female perspective and feminist principles.

AKDAM makes efforts to create female policies in every aspect of life, to prevent discrimination against women and to question such discrimination when it arises, and this is made possible through donations and membership fees.