Address: Bahçe Mah. İstiklal cad. 4606 sok. İstiklal işhanı no:2 Kat 1/3 Akdeniz Mersin
Phone: 0552 753 70 33
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Mimosa flower has a strong character behind its fragile appearance like women. For this reason, we set out with the name Mimoza, to express solidarity, immortality and resurrection, sensitivity, enthusiasm and hope.

The Mimosa Women's Association, which women can apply to, is to combat all kinds of social, political, social, cultural, economic, sexual, psychological, etc. violence against women, to carry out studies to eliminate all kinds of discrimination against women, to develop and implement projects to promote gender equality, It was established with the aim of strengthening the society and women's organizations. The association is an independent non-governmental organization that fights against discrimination and inequality against women on the basis of universal rights and freedoms, and bases this struggle on knowledge and experience in accordance with scientific thoughts and practices. It is one of our basic principles to be against any kind of discrimination based on religion, language, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, political opinion, economic and social status, age, disability, education level. We conduct our work with methods based on gender equality and adopt an organizational understanding based on collective work.

We exist to solidarity with every woman in need, to empower each other and to share responsibility. Because fighting together and being organized will add strength to all women.