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KOZA WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION was founded in 2012 upon the decision of establishing an association following many negotiations partaken by the women who participate in women’s studies in non-governmental organizations and political parties.

The main purpose of our association is to provide support for women on their problems regarding employment. Besides, we carry out studies on issues as follows:

  • Providing support for the studies of women’s associations
  • Learning to build-up together regardless of our personal, cultural or international differences - Eliminating inequalities
  • Developing our problem-solving skills
  • Recognizing occupational safety
  • Recognizing and demanding employee rights
  • Overcoming daycare problem of a working woman (daycare centers/kindergartens)
  • Recognizing and demanding our rights as consumers
  • Keeping in touch with all the institutions and organizations regarding employment
  • Following the legislative declarations and laws on employment

Mobbing, which has a long history both in public and working life, is an underused term due to difficulties in defining commonality of other types of violence. Therefore, preserving employment and safety of women as mobbing victims in working life (safety in the case of confronting both occupational safety and mobbing and bullying problems) and such issues are discussed as well. Increase in woman employees’ awareness of self-consciousness and achievement of legal regulations in respect to penal sanctions for this type of violence encourage us as women to raise awareness for regulations against mobbing and act with this awareness. KOZA WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION herein organizes seminars on related issues, defends all employees’ rights regarding PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE within laws and regulations following the briefing session, informs the public on related topics, pursues the process and offers legal regulations regarding mobbing and bullying issues.

KOZA WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION supports women on the matter of violence against women especially through its active role in examination of violence during employment process and interference in the related issue. Guiding women towards related institutions, organizations, foundations or associations in the case that a woman exposed to violence demands help, is also another fundamental task of our association.

We as an association endeavor to provide support for women exposed to violence through phone calls or face-to-face meetings and offer guidance towards relevant institutions.