Assembly components are independent feminist women’s groups who are the organizers of the Assembly on Women's Shelters and Solidarity Centers who have been coming together since 1998, who have shelters and/or solidarity centers or who aim for this in the short term. Communication between Assembly Components takes place over the mailing list. Organizations which are amongst the assembly components but whose field of focus has changed throughout the process are expected to share their experiences and take on a role suitable to their new field of work in the assembly.

An independent feminist women’s organization which runs a shelter and/or solidarity center or aims to do so in the near future that wishes to become an Assembly Component sends an introductory document that defines their organization and expresses their desire to become an Assembly Component to the Assembly Secretariat. The Secretariat shares this document over the Assembly Components mailing list which includes all existing components. The women’s organization wishing to become an assembly component is invited to the first upcoming assembly and attends the assembly components meeting held in the evening of the second day. Their wish to become a member is debated amongst all components and the assembly principles are shared with the organization that wishes to become a member. If the organization accepts to work under these principles and meets the criteria to qualify, they are added to the mailing list after being made an Assembly Component.