Assembly Principles 

The Assembly:

  • Adopts an approach that does not attempt to cover up differences amongst women in terms of class, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. and allows for these matters to be discussed. It is aware of women’s subjectivity and how each experience is unique in itself. The primary aim is to fight against male violence encountered within the family and close relationships and the patriarchal mindset.
  • Distances itself from direct and implied discrimination. It holds workshops and other events to raise awareness on discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation.
  • Stays away from nationalistic and militarist discourse and actions, and the assembly components are aware that these weaken the primary goal of fighting against violence against women.
  • Adopts non-violent methods of debate and allows women to express themselves freely. Assembly components hold workshops and other events to raise awareness about the feminist method.

Assembly Organization

A Main Assembly and an Intermediate Assembly are held each year. Both of these take place in a different city each time and last three days.

The Assembly Secretariat is responsible for the organization of the assembly. The Secretariat is comprised of Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation and women’s organizations based in the city in which the assembly will be held, and it represents the assembly. Its duties are:

  • Organizing the assembly in a manner suited to its aims and principles
  • Facilitating communication between assembly components
  • Facilitating communication between the Assembly and the women’s movement, public institutions, and local authorities
  • Organizing the common struggle between women’s organizations, particularly the Assembly Components, to monitor the decisions taken at the assembly and to ensure they are followed through.

The Interim Assembly is held to respond to the requirements of the Assembly Components and to strengthen the Assembly’s organization as well as to prepare for the Main Assembly. The topic of the Main Assembly, the presentations to be made, and the workshops to be held are attempted to be decided upon during the Intermediate Assembly. Only Assembly Component organizations are allowed to attend the Intermediate Assembly. To ensure fairness in discussions, the number of participants from each organization is limited to two.

The Main Assembly is held with the aim of sharing experiences in the field of violence against women with all aspects of the women’s movement and female staff from departments with duties and roles regarding combating violence against women from national and local authorities, and to develop common policies.

On the first day of the assembly, presentations are made on the chosen subject and debates are held with the participation of all participants. On the second day, workshops are held. Workshops are divided in two as closed workshops and open workshops. Closed workshops are attended by representatives from women’s organizations who work directly with abused women and children as well as women working at ASPB Regional Departments, ŞÖNİMs, KSGM, and shelters and counseling centers ran by municipalities. Open workshops are open to all participants of the assembly. At the end of each assembly, a Workshop Report is created on which all workshop participants agree. On the third day, all Workshop Reports are presented and debated by all participants. The issues on which unanimous agreement is achieved are consolidated by the Assembly Secretariat and the Concluding Manifesto of the Assembly on Women’s Shelters and Solidarity Centers is declared.

The Concluding Manifesto is shared with public on November 25, End Violence against Women Day, with the signatures of Assembly components and other organizations who have contributed to the assembly and wish to sign the manifesto. Assembly components share the Concluding Manifesto with institutions and media outlets in their respective cities so that the decisions taken at the assembly can reach as wide an audience as possible.